Ahemm… Hi guys.. here I am with a new blog of mine. I had a slightly dysfuntional homepage that was as primitive as stone age and hence fittingly outdated. This is my feeble attempt to engage myself a bit more. Hopefuly in future I will be able to drain my thoughts here, capture few memories here and there and of course, to kill time (I seem to have a whole lot of it pretty underutilized).

Nothing special has inspired me to start this one, other than long hours of uninspiring boredom and an onslaught of pointless thoughts in due course. Just as some wiseman put it, great thoughts are not to be left alone. I mentioned resolve somewhere, coz this blog has been part of my resolution for so long, but postponed indiscreetly by consistently fresh bouts of laziness. I am an expert procrastinator and proudly so. After countless battles with my laziness and creative slumps I have put together this first post of the blog and God only knows when the next one will come up.

I am a simple guy who forms an uninterestingly tiny miniscular microscopic dot of the unimaginable infinity of creation just as Douglas Adams rightly put forth. I like music, mostly every kind but specifically only those I like. I like sports as long as I am at a safe distance from it, well settled at the comfort of my house, with popcorn and other ancillaries. Patience permitting I watch few films now and then. I do some work at office but mostly pretend so. Further attempts to describe myself any further is only demoralizing since it highlights how futile the whole exercise is.

I thank Blogger.com for giving me this wonderful chance to write some nonsense. I also thank my friends and relatives for their continued tolerance. I thank my mom and dad for things that are beyond grasp of any language.I also thank God for providing me with a partly functioning brain which conjures up most of these nonsenses(As I write the functioning part of my brain is vehemently denying this and abdicating any claims of ownership). Above all, I thank my employers for feeding me with so much leisure time.