Series reboot…

Ok, I am not here to reboot a superhero franchise such as Batman or Spiderman (Former was a terrific idea, later one turned out to be a terrible one). This is about my stupid, useless blog, the supposed realm of my immaterial squabbles, the upholstery of words that lend shape to my nebulous deliberations, the drainage of my thoughts (How insightful I was in my choice of words when I made that first post). Truth be told, the blog never really started since I never posted anything substantial beyond “Hello world”. And then there was the other post, but that blogging traveler, describing about his Bangkok trip is forever going to be trapped in the flight (like the lover trapped in precarious stance on that Grecian urn). For the time being, it is unlikely that he will resume his travel in blogosphere. Meanwhile other noteworthy events such as “getting married” happened which were not dwelt upon in the blog.  And that is the sad thing, despite my continuous self-abominations and in-numerous “ah-should-write-about-that” moments, the cupboard is bare.

Truth is that I have made numerous unsuccessful attempts at making a blog post and equally successful attempts at deleting them, for the fear of looking stupid (which is of course inevitable given my disposition). In any case, one is always wiser than when he was young, conversely one’s stupidity at given point of time is greater than or equal to his stupidity at any point of time in future (Unless you have been fed on a regular diet of media). Given this law, I am sure to look back and regret at my stupidity right?

What I have come to realize is that I have far more regretted not having written something rather than having written something. My English hasn’t improved a bit since my last classroom English lecture. Even worse, my ability to articulate things has been nose-diving to an extent that I have started to doubt my reason. But one doesn’t go anywhere without making an attempt. The caveman didn’t learn swimming by standing at the shore and contemplating whether he would float or not. So I am going to stop worrying about the end result and take the plunge…

No I am not promising that I will regularly post something. I am not going to add to that unkept count of failed resolutions. I merely vow that I will not delete this post, no matter what. Hopefully over a period of time, with the same attitude, this blog will gather some stuff that I will feel confident to share with others. Until then, you my dear reader, are a fictional entity, because my blog doesn’t exist. Blogger statistics shows that my pages have 526 page views since beginning of time (yes, you are right… since the big bang) and quite inexplicably has been read by people from North America and some Eskimos from Alaska.

I feel very sorry for those people… I am sure the post on trip to Thailand must have (mis)led quite a few. Anyway, I am not going to extend this self-centered blog post any more. Hopefully there will be some stuff to come.


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An overgrown ape encumbered by evolutionary spandrels of philosophical reveries.

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